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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

After Bashing Trump All Night, Hollywood Woke To Humiliating News From Middle America

America has spoken and Hollywood is devastated. Or will be when they wake up and dust off their hangovers.

The Emmy’s were a Trump bashing pity party. Literally from the get go.
Steven Colbert opened the show with a few shots at Trump and they kept coming all night. One after the other.
They turned what is already an obnoxious and pompous gathering of the truly out of touch into an unwatchable hate fest.
As many in Hollywood know but most seem to have forgotten, comedy dies when it turns to hate.
Like wine turning to vinegar the show turned and America did what we always do – we turned it off.
According to Breitbart, last night’s Emmy broadcast is either going to be the lowest rated Emmy telecast of all time or the second lowest.
The show from last year is the current the biggest loser in Emmy history.
So the two worst in history have one thing in common – the stars all came out to bash Trump.
Do you see a pattern America?
This is noteworthy because the Emmy’s have a 69 year history. And the two biggest losers will be those given to bashing Trump.
It is all so predictable isn’t it?
The early ratings show that fewer than 11.3 million viewers watched Steven Colbert and the gang last night.
The overnight rating was 8.2 which was lower than 2016’s 8.4. These are the early vote so to speak so it is not official and last night’s total may sneak into second worst in history when the final numbers come in.
Either way it is not good. But it gets worse for Hollywood.
Among the 18-49 age group, the ones ad men salivate over, the show got a paltry 2.8.
Numbers don’t lie. Trump haters do and Hollywood needs to take note before they dig themselves a hole they cannot get out of.

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