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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

BREAKING: IRS Registers LARGEST Tax Lien In History Against OBAMA

Barack Obama screwed the American people for eight years straight. He gave free stuff to anyone who would vote for him. He broke the Constitution repeatedly. He is a Muslim, which goes against our great nation. Now we find out that he also screwed us out of the largest tax evasion scam in history.

The IRS finished an accounting of the royalties the Obamas made from their name being on Obamacare. That in itself is a ridiculous amount of money, as the taxes that he owes alone come to slightly over ONE BILLION DOLLARS!!!
That’s right…The Obama’s profited so much from Obamacare — and Obamaphones — that they owe the American people enough money to fund a few miles of wall to keep their Muslim buddies out. The IRS registered the lien and within hours the Obamas paid it, knowing exactly what would happen if they didn’t:
“They were looking at jail time for this. It doesn’t matter who you are. that kind of theft from the people demands answers.”
According to our sources at the Treasury Department, Obama made a check payable to the Treasury from a bank account in the Cayman Islands. It had no identifiers other than an account number and “In Good Standing” where you would expect to see a name and address.
The IRS is actively looking into anything else the family of liars and thieves may have been into.


  1. This needs to be verified. Would like to see a pic of the check.

  2. Make him pay it back! Demand restitution! Fine him, and confiscate his properties and all that he stole from the American people, an all he has hidden in overseas banks!

  3. I will believe it when he is in THIS is what Google has to offer...I may pass