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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Do You Support President Trump Increasing Work Requirements For Welfare Leeches?

The so-called “safety net” exists to help people get back on their feet who have suffered some calamity or who are otherwise finding it extremely difficult to continue with their lives. In one sense, it is a representation of the idea that we do have some responsibility to each other, and that permitting abject poverty and suffering in our midst is deeply troubling.

What public assistance programs are not designed to do is to create a way of life that is more or less permanent, relying on government funding to keep things going. While there are those who have genuinely profound physical and mental handicaps that will render them incapable of caring for themselves for their entire lives and who will thus need permanent care, that’s not what is being referred to here. We are talking about people who can support themselves, but who have found a way to live a life free of labor by gaming the welfare system.
President Trump has ordered changes in the work requirements for individuals who are otherwise able-bodied with the goal of getting people who can work off of welfare programs and on the job thereby saving taxpayers’ money, or freeing up funds for those in genuine need.
“The Trump administration moved Wednesday to bring back work requirements for Americans on welfare, reversing an Obama-era policy that had encouraged states to apply for waivers that would exempt welfare recipients from needing to prove that they were either working or receiving job training.
“Requiring work or job training was an integral part of the 1996 welfare reform law signed by former President Bill Clinton, The Washington Times reported.
“Ohio was the only state that applied for a waiver, which was neither approved nor denied by the previous administration, according to the Associated Press. On Wednesday, the Trump administration closed the door on even the possibility the waiver would be approved by officially denying Ohio’s request, according to AP.”
The goal is to cut off the flow of money to welfare leeches and frauds and redirect it to individuals and programs that are deserving. And that is one way to Make America Great Again.
What do you think? Do you agree with President Trump that work requirements for those who are able to work be increased in order to protect America’s budget?
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