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Friday, September 15, 2017

HE FLIPPED: What Jimmy Carter Just Said About DACA Will Make Trump’s Jaw Drop

Well, folks, the dam finally just broke. A former Democrat President, Jimmy Carter none the less, just flipped on his own party to give Trump something nobody else would.
Jimmy Carter used a speech in Georgia today to let the people know that Trump’s canceling DACA with a 6-month delay is pure POLITICAL GENIUS.
According to Carter, the existence of DACA was really just a band-aid that Congress was using to address the issue of the illegal immigrants who were forced here by their parents and spent their lives in the US. Carter also said that Trump canceling it was the ONLY way we can ever solve it once and for all.
So basically, as long as the President was willing to keep DACA, all Democrats and Republicans would not talk about the issue because they didn’t have to.
The thing they WON’T tell you about DACA, though, is that it actually creates a second class of citizen. Those illegal immigrants in the program are not Americans. They must apply for a work visa every 2 years and are limited in their rights.
Well, that’s one President down. Jimmy Carter has now committed the unspeakable sin of the Democrats and sided with President Trump. That’s more than we can say for EITHER Bush.
If y’all think it’s high time these former Presidents show up to support Trump, help to get this out and MAKE them do it.
Source: Liberty Writers

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