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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mexico Just Issued An Urgent Warning To All Its Citizens Currently In The United States

Mexico just issued a warning to Mexican citizens living in America according to Western Journalism. The warning was a recommendation that the Mexicans in America to “take precautions” after an illegal mother was deported during a visit with ICE officials in February.

The warning that Mexico just issued was just a cry out to try and help keep their citizens in this nation so we continue footing the bill for these illegals.

Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos was taken into custody on Feb. 8 after a scheduled check-in with the central Phoenix offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Shortly after, she was deported.

She was initially arrested in Mesa, Arizona in 2008. Why? Because she used someone else’s social security number when she was applying for a job. She should have been deported on the spot.

Garcia de Rayos had been living in the country since arriving in 1996 as an illegal immigrant at the age of 14. Her husband is also illegal. When you’re an illegal, you can’t be surprised that you’re being deported.

She was convicted of a non-violent felony in 2009 for criminal impersonation. In 2013, an immigration judge found Garcia de Rayos had no legal standing to remain in the country and issued a voluntary departure order, instructing her to return to Mexico.

Of course during the Obama regime she was able to make a deal with immigration officials. She had to check in every year and then every six months to stay in the nation. During her most recent appointment, she wasn’t permitted to leave. Good, that’s saved money. If you have lived her for 22 years and you’re still illegal, you’re clearly not trying to contribute to our society.

Ray Ybarra-Maldonado, a Phoenix lawyer representing Garcia de Rayos believes her deportation “has 100 percent to do with (Trump’s) executive order.” He filed documents pleading with ICE to allow Garcia de Rayos to stay, but those efforts were unsuccessful.

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