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Friday, September 22, 2017

PAYBACK: President Trump Just Got His Revenge On The ENTIRE Emmy’s With BRUTAL Takedown

President Donald Trump is well know for his very modern type of lifestyle. Being up to time, he’s using the social media as a way to express himself.

The site that he uses the most, is the platform called Twitter. There he talks about his everyday life, his family, his enemies etc..
This time he took the chance to comment on the Emmy’s event this Sunday, and believe us, it was ridiculous.
The President was the main topic through the whole show, according to The Lutchman Report. Especially the host Stephen Colbert took advantage of his position and made fun of the President for the whole night. He even made a sketch and couple of digs with songs and dances. For an example the usage of  Julia Louis Dreyfu’s character on Veep, “Imagine If your president is not beloved by Nazis?”. Colbert got into a car with Keri Russell and shaked hands with Vladimir Putin while singing “Even treason is better on TV.” But what’s the real treason here? To go against the will of the people and the President they chose or simply focus on how to really influence people.
After seeing the show, President Donald Trump decided to comment on the whole situation. Of course, he always brings real facts and proofs on the table. On Thursday night, few minutes before 11 p.m he posted this tweet:

he Emmy Awards had ratings of 11.4 million, viewers which is almost the same as last year, reports EOnline . Their situation hasn’t improved a bit. What’s even more funnier is that the host Stephen Colbert predicted in the beginning of the show that the president would be concerned with the numbers “What really matters to Donald Trump is ratings,” he commented during the broadcast. “You’ve got to have the big numbers. And I certainly hope we achieved that tonight.”
Unfortunately, his wish didn’t really come to reality. But It was crushed with a simple tweet that put everyone in their place. All those Liberals living up to the Hollywood dream are becoming even more and more rude. Donald Trump maybe was the main topic at the Emmy’s even though he wasn’t there, but he’s the one that should go home with all the awards! Because he deserves an Emmy!
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