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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trump Makes Shock “Travel Ban” Announcement, Millions Furious

Donald Trump is way ahead of time with his proposed “travel ban.”

He wants to “travel ban” all nations that produce terrorists and Trump stands by his decision.
Even though the Left disagrees with Trump, he will not back down whatsoever.
A large portion of Trump’s travel ban executive order is in full force, however, the Supreme Court will decide the fate of the policy in this upcoming month of October. Terrorist attacks just keep piling up and the most recent bomb attack in London ignited Trump’s government to try to speed up the process of approving the “travel ban.” President Trump posted on his Twitter account saying the new travel policy should be “larger, tougher and more specific.”
Trump wants to see some changes in the travel policy and he wants to see them now. The travel ban, formally identified as Executive Order 13780, blocks entrance to the US to citizens from six countries for a total of 90 days. According to BBC, these six countries include Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.
Executive Order 13780 allows entry to people from these countries who make a short trip to America to visit or live with “close family,” according to CNN.
The Washington Examiner reports that  National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster announced on Sunday that the Trump government is trying to tighten up the travel ban. McMaster said exclusively for ABC that, If you can’t screen people effectively to know who’s coming into your country, then you shouldn’t allow people from that country to travel.” The travel ban will be the “first step” in making America a secure and carefree country.
H.R. McMaster’s statement reads, “So, what the travel ban is is it’s a first step, the first step in better screening, better sharing of information to encourage governments to meet the requirements that we have so it allows us to protect our own people.” McMaster stands by President Trump and wants to see the travel ban go through “until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”
Should Trump be allowed to make these kinds of strict changes? It seems that he is on point because every day we hear and report about new terrorist attacks happening in Europe that are not far away from our beloved country. Trump is doing everything to keep this country safe and protected from anyone that will try to harm the well-being of our people.
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