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Monday, November 6, 2017

Breaking: John McCain Speaks Moments After Mueller Indictment & Becomes Trump’s Enemy #1

For anyone that might have doubted the fact that Arizona Senator John McCain has been making sure every single one of his decisions opposes President Donald Trump, only to show that he too can follow a liberal scheme, the senator has come forward with a new proof.

The Democrats refer to him as one of the last heroes of Congress, following his decision to vote against the years-long efforts of the GOP to repeal and replace ObamaCare, twice in a row.
But all that is nothing compared to what happened just recently, when McCain spoke just moments after the Mueller indictment story, and with his speech, became President Trump’s number one enemy.
McCain was speaking to the Naval Academy Graduates this Monday, but it was clear that he attempted to take a swing at the president, saying:
“Who could have imagined in the depths of the Cold War that a collapsing Soviet Union – still a nuclear super power – would peacefully accede to the reunification of Germany, or to the independence of all of its satellite states?”
He then explained how despite all odds, that still happened, but there was a huge contrast between the “hopeful atmosphere of 1991” and the current one.
Not long after he switched up the topic, speaking about the “real dangers of this world,” and warning how “we are asleep.”
He explained that “we are asleep to the necessity of our leadership, and to the opportunities and real dangers of this world,” before going on to further elaborate, “We are asleep in our echo chambers, where our views are always affirmed and information that contradicts them is always fake,”

At last, he finally concluded, “We are asleep in our polarized politics, which exaggerates our differences, looks for scapegoats instead of answers, and insists we get all our way all the time from a system of government based on compromise, principled cooperation and restraint.”

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  1. McCain's explanation of a gv'mt that has to have it's way all the time, a polarized politics, exaggerates differences, looks for scapegoats instead of answers, is a perfect description of the Democrats. McCain must still be under anesthesia. The truth is that he has put forth every effort to prevent President Trump's agenda from succeeding, purely through vindictiveness, that was his own fault that he lost his run for Presidency because of what he is and President Trump won because of who and what he is. It is what it is!!! President Trump is the BEST PRESIDENT THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN!!! IF THAT BUNCH OF OLD HEADS IN THE HOUSE WOULD WORK WITH HIM AND GET HIS PROGRAMS IN MOTION, OUR COUNTRY WOULD BE THE BEST WE HAVE EVER SEEN IT.