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Monday, November 20, 2017

Democrat Tycoon Tom Steyer: ‘People Are Thrilled With My Attempt To Impeach Trump, Which Is Why I Will Offer…’

Democrat Tycoon Tom Steyer is increasing his offer in an attempt to put pressure on his party to impeach President Donald Trump, offering $10 million more on his campaign ad, he stated on Thursday.
The Los Angeles Times noticed that Steyer, who has officially invested $10 million already on this attempt, is eager to make it happen:
“The American people have responded beyond our expectations to this message, and it’s clear we’re giving voice to the deep concerns about this president,” Steyer stated to journalists on a telephone call.
He stated that there were a huge number of views of the “Need to Impeach” TV promotion, 1.3 million individuals have seen it on YouTube and 1.9 million have signed a similar petition.
Steyer also stated that he is preparing more TV promotions in the following month.Three years ago, Steyer invested $74 million on Senate races backing Democrats who guaranteed to make some moves about environmental change.
Quite a bit of that cash was gone for nothing, because Democrats didn’t win the Senate, but still, Steyer remained a very close lobbyist and friend for the Democrats.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is seemingly against Steyer’s actions, which she sees as a possible diversion as Democrats want to take the House of Representatives in 2018 again. Surveys are showing that people are concerned by current political issues than in a presidential impeachment or in seeking more scandals who are connected with Russia.
These actions can also be counterproductive as they might actually increase the number of Republican voters in the upcoming elections.

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