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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

GAME OVER: NFL Officials Stunned As Monday Night Football Ratings Are In – It’s Catastrophic!

Just at the start of week 9 of NFL games, there are both good and bad news coming in. This Monday, it was revealed that the game between the Packers and Lions scored an incredible low of 7.6 when it came to ratings in metered markets. And while this is a 6% increase from the disastrous Chiefs-Broncos game from last week, and a 25% increase from MNF’s season low rating between the Titans and Colts which took place in the middle of October, it is still low.

The bad news however, couldn’t be shining brighter when comparing last night’s numbers to last year’s numbers at this point of the NFL Week 9 Games. The game which was played on November 7th, which was the same day of President Trump’s election to the White House, became the lowest-rated Week 9 MNF game in history.
And now, it has been revealed that his year, those same ratings fell even lower for 3% which it had scored last year.
7.6 overnight rating for Lions-Packers. think that passes last year's Seahawks-Bills as lowest-rated week 9 MNF game ever.
And that’s how the ‘luck’ of a ratings boost that the NFL experienced just recently still doesn’t fall into the category of a ‘successful’ game. In addition, it was registered as one of the worst perfomances for a Week 9 MNF game ever.

However, the mainstream media pundits will still try and spin this in several ways with the goal of making it appear as if the ratings have experienced a slight boost, that still doesn’t change the fact that the industry analysts claim the league set an all-time low in Week 9.

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