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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hillary Clinton Gets PUBLICLY EVISCERATED: ‘Ma’am…You Got Your A** Kicked!’

Stephen K. Bannon spoke at the Citadel Republican Society’s 2017 Patriot Dinner in Charleston, South Carolina, sharing stories of the 2016 Trump campaign.

Bannon answered Hillary Clinton’s 900-page whining memoir “What Happened,” in which she blames everyone and everything except herself for her defeat in the 2016 election, by saying, “Ma’am, with all due respect, what happened is that you got your a** kicked.”

That remark, welcomed with laughter and applause, came after Bannon shared an enthusiastic recollection of the ups and downs during the election night.

Bannon described how Donald Trump “won the single greatest come-from-behind victory in American political history.”

“I’m a populist and I’m an economic nationalist and I’m proud of it,” Bannon remembers telling Reince Pribus, then Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman, as the election entered its final phase.

Pribus and Bannon chose to bury the hatchet and collaborated to bring on the amazing victory when they met at a Tea Party event in Washington, D.C.
The coalition, as Bannon describes it, came to include, in addition to populist-nationalists like himself, libertarians, limited-government conservatives, and working-class so-called “Reagan Democrats,” and some establishment elements.

While Bannon stated that he had “tremendous respect” for the elder President George Bush for his military service and his time in Washington, he wasn’t pleased that Bush admitted he voted for Hillary Clinton in the election.
Bannon cited a direct comparison to the Barack Obama victory in 2008, saying that “an empowered grassroots and high technology” is what brought the votes in for Trump. “It’s what can win going forward,” Bannon added.

Admitting that the coalition had a rough start after the election, Bannon stated, “When we got to Washington, D.C., we had not learned how to govern as a coalition. The Republican establishment and the donors, most … are NeverTrumpers, I hate to bring up such a brutal fact,” he told the crowd. 

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