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Friday, November 3, 2017

Just In: NYC Muslim Terrorist Makes Outrageous Demand, Trump Responds With Brilliant Counter-Offer

While reclining in his hospital bed after brutally mowing down and killing 8 innocent civilians, Manhattan jihadist Sayfullo Saipov made an outrageously entitled demand. However, as soon as President Donald Trump heard what the smug terrorist wanted, he made a brilliant counter-offer instead.
When Barack Obama was in office, the U.S. Government’s go-to response toward terrorism was to appease the culprits and alleviate indignation with Islam. Throughout his terms, Obama released Gitmo jihadists to watch them return to terrorism, made billion-dollar deals with terror-sponsoring nations, and devoted an entire campaign to apologize to the Muslim community on behalf of America. Fortunately, the days of coddling terrorists are over.
After unabashedly confessing his satisfaction in murdering 8 civilians, with his only regret being that he did not kill even more people, 29-year-old Uzbeki Islamic State devotee Saipov relaxed in his hospital bed and made his first demand. The entitled jihadist told authorities he wishes to display the black flag of ISIS in his recovery room as a symbol of the Islamic terrorist organization’s victory over the American unbelievers, The Guardian reports. Upon hearing this audacious request, Trump put his Islamo-sympathizing predecessor to shame in the most brilliant way.
After hearing that the remorseless militant desired to triumphantly hang an ISIS flag in his hospital room, Trump responded on Twitter that not only will the killer never get his beloved terrorist symbol but that he supports the death penalty for the ruthless jihadist, according to The Daily Caller.
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  1. I support our President, and support the terrorist to the electric chair with a bacon sandwich for his last meal.......

  2. should line the whole room with American flag and secure him so he can't pull them down. Also a Bible and smell room of Pork.

  3. Death Penalty and no appeals...Death penalty carried out in Gitmo.