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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Look Who is Forced to CRAWL to President Trump BEGGING for BILLIONS!

Well, well, well, Jerry Brown, who is trying to run a sanctuary state that protects illegal trespassers into this country from ICE has resorted to begging President Trump for billions to help with wildfire aid.
There is also still a movement within California to secede from the United States.
What do you think.
Should President Trump help Jerry Brown?
California Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers asked the U.S. government Friday for $7.4 billion to help rebuild after a cluster of fires tore through the heart of wine country, killing more than 40 people and leaving thousands without housing.

In a letter to the White House, Brown joined California’s two U.S. senators and 39 members of its 52-member congressional delegation to urge President Donald Trump and Congress to quickly adopt a disaster-related appropriations measure to support the state’s recovery.
Brown said the funding would go toward cleanup and programs to support housing, transportation, agriculture, environmental protection and other services for those affected by the fires.
A series of blazes that started in Northern California the night of Oct. 8 killed at least 43 people and destroyed about 8,900 homes and other buildings. At the peak, thousands of firefighters battled 21 blazes that burned simultaneously.
Officials have not yet assessed all the damage and effects of the fires, but the governor’s office and the affected counties determined that $7.4 billion in federal funding is needed to help California recover, the letter says.


  1. Only if Moonbeam agrees to step down and all illegals rounded up and deported! Otherwise, piss on the Dumbest State in the USA!