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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Melania Finally Walks Along the Great Wall of China – Her Shoe Choice is Very Different [PHOTOS]

There is nothing quite like seeing First Lady Melania Trump standing in front of a “big, beautiful wall” much like the one Trump vowed to build before he won the presidency. I mean, this is one of the rare sights we can actually enjoy nowadays.

Melania accompanied Trump on his Asia trip and after attending several events organized by the Chinese president and his family, she had the chance to visit The Great Wall of China.
Melania, looking as elegant as ever, walked along the wall taking in the century-long history that speaks of China’s greatness.
Doesn’t she look quite spectacular?
To think what a wall similar to this one would mean for America is simply mind-pleasuring. The Chinese obviously knew what they were in for when the wall was built, and this is definitely an example America needs to follow. Oh, if only someone could get liberals to smarten up!

Did you fancy seeing Melania walking the Great Wall of China?

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