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Friday, November 3, 2017

MLB Contradicts NFL Protesters by Celebrating the Anthem in Their Own Spectacular Way [VIDEO]

It seems the NFL will be left with no hope of allies when it comes to anti-anthem protests. The conclusion was made after the Major League Baseball pulled a tear-jerking move prior to Game 7 of the World Series, and no one will ever be able to forget it.

Unlike the NFL, where the anthem represents nothing short of a joke, the MLB invited the Los Angeles Police Department quartet to sing the national anthem.
Colin Kaepernick, and his obvious and aggressive stance on ‘police brutality,’ are not going to like this.
Now, a Harvard study proves something else that’s quite intriguing.
The NFL remained rigid on their intent to continue protesting the anthem even though they have been warned on several occasions to steer clear from expressing personal beliefs on the field.
As a contrast, there were almost no anthem protests within the Major League Baseball, which even replaced their seventh-inning stretch with “God Bless America,” a call that aggravated the left for certain.
The League managed to hammer the nail even further after bringing out police officers to sing the national anthem. The entire moment was captured on video as well:
MLB shoving it up NFL’s ass having cops sing National Anthem. Can they be more diametrically opposed?
@realDonaldTrump All standing, hands over hearts, for the National Anthem in game 7 of the World Series, in progressive Los Angeles.
What will infuriate liberals, even more, is the fact that, as the anthem was playing, all players and team members stood and saluted it accordingly.

Well, how about that?

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