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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Trump Just Signed New Law Making Drug Tests Mandatory For Welfare – Look What Immediately Happened!

The National debt has been one of the major aspects of the latest Presidential Race and Trump promised that he would start combating upon taking office. This basically means reducing wasteful expenses, which was reflected in his budget proposal, combating illegal immigration and alien related crime and cutting down on welfare that is abused by society.
The Food Stamp program was in place before the Obama era and it worked properly helping the veterans, the windowed and the disabled. However, over the last 4 years, this program saw an unprecedented increment on a number of recipients due to changes made by Obama.
Obama also forbids states from using any sort of screening on these people. Criminal records were meaningless and substance abuse test was forbidden.
His Food Stamp program called “SNAP” based on how fast you could sign up became a trend among ex-convicts and wannabe musicians. Many online guides were created encouraging people to go through the process. “It’s free money!”. Which depicted people using the food stamp dollars to buy sushi and lobster meals.
Now that Donald Trump is in Office on Republican controlled house this is bound to change. The first step for this is cutting down the budget for the Food Stamp Program to Pre-Obama Levels. A set of new bills canceling the SNAP program and reworking it to function as intended as on its way.

This just triggered a massive amount of protests that started in May and have continued through June. They have been organized by OFA founded by Obama. It’s expected that this will intensify in July.
The Democrats are fighting this at every step, and are threatening to hold the security of this country hostage in order to secure the continuity of the program. The Food Stamp program is one of their political weapons that Obama used to garner votes after all. At least 26,000 people signed up to the program during the Obama era. Most of which wouldn’t have been eligible for the program due to the ability to work and that ended up in giving an extra 40,000 votes to the Democratic Party.
While the Food Stamp Program is an excellent program it was not intended to support drug addicts, full-time protesters wanna be musicians and full-time surfers. It also was not intended for Illegal Muslims to profit on. The Democrats are threatening withholding budget for immigration control, defense department and border security as they attempt to slow down Trump reform on the matter.
Please do share if you believe taxpayers money should NOT be used to support liberal hippies and drug addicts and instead should go towards our veterans.

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