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Saturday, December 23, 2017

BREAKING News Out Of Wisconsin… This Will ENRAGE YOU!

A man from Wisconsin was imprisoned for beating his 2-month-old daughter. This monster broke more than 20 of the baby’s bones and caused her bleeding in the brain.
And do you know what’s his sentence? The judge gave him SIX months in prison! Yes, that’s right, six months. This is absolutely insane!
The 21-year-old Richard A. Root from Oshkosh was sentenced to seven years of probation for child-abusethe Oshkosh Northwestern reported.
The County Circuit Judge Thomas Gritton also “punished” Root with forbidding him to use drugs an alcohol. He ordered him to get a full-time job or attend school while visiting a counsel.  Apparently, this is the punishment that the judge thinks it’s appropriate for this monstrous crime.
 Fox 11 reported  that Root had pleaded no contest to disregarding the child.
The crime happened in March. The emergency room staff at Aurora Medical Center reported that the baby had nine broken ribs and few other serious injuries.
The report also  said that the infant had a broken arm and a broken leg, according to Fox 11.

According to court documents, Root rattled his 2-month-old baby and knelt on her legs while he was changing her diaper March 10. Doctors said besides the 20 broken bones, the infant had injuries to her face and head and multiple brain bleeds.
Root defended himself by saying that he was under a lot of stress and didn’t have enough sleep. The baby was hospitalized to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. There she was treated until the injuries recovered and then she was released to a family member.
Do you think that six months is enough for this horrible crime? I don’t think so. Root along with the Judge deserve to burn in hell. The innocent baby didn’t deserve this.


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