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Saturday, December 16, 2017

BUSTED: Bernie Sanders Is Going DOWN After Wife Caught in Major Bank Fraud Scheme

 Liberals are spending so much time trying to find the skeletons in President Trump’s closet, they’ve forgotten to keep theirs hidden away. Bernie Sander’s wife, Jane, is not only being investigated by the FBI for receiving a shady $10 million dollar loan, and falsifying documents to get money for the now-defunct liberal arts Burlington College – the Grand Jury is now making their move to make the couple pay for their crimes.
Judicial Watch has obtained records of the federal investigation of Jane Sanders, who served as the longtime political adviser to Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialist candidate for president of the United States. Jane intentionally embellished financial data, including amounts of donations pledged to the college, in order to secure two loans, $6.7 million and $3.6 million. Numerous donors came forward to contest the amounts of their donations, which Jane claimed were pledged and could be used to repay the loan.
Due to his wife’s crimes, Fox News reports that Bernie has very little chance for a 2020 presidential run. The Justice Department official spearheading the investigation is being handled at the discretion of Christina E. Nolan, the U.S. Attorney of Vermont, who was sworn into office last week after being appointed by President Trump, according to the report.

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