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Friday, December 1, 2017

Congress Just Made Barack Hussein Obama’s Worst Nightmare A Reality!

Barack Obama got some bad news this week when the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence announced that it is ramping up it’s investigation into his administration’s campaign to “unmask” President Donald Trump aides who were incidentally surveilled in meetings with foreign officials.
The Daily Caller reported that the committee is specifically intensifying it’s investigation into Fusion GPS, a private “opposition research” company that distributed a salacious memo on Trump, called the “Trump Dossier.” The committee will be privately interviewing former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power over the next two weeks. She is the person who allegedly asked to unmask or identify Americans on as many as 260 occasions, primarily Trump campaign or transition officials.
Powers was so aggressive that she went so far as to ask U.S intelligence officials on nearly a daily basis to “unmask” or identify Trump officials who had passing contacts with foreign officials. U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova said that she was trying to compile the information on behalf of other Obama intelligence officials.
Her aggressive use of unmasking requests sends a very, very suspicious signal that she was working hand in glove with somebody to get information,” he said.
Within the next few weeks, the committee is also preparing to introduce a proposed “legislative fix” that will either ban or extremely limit future unmasking of American citizens, according to a congressional official.

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