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Thursday, December 21, 2017


Some people make decisions too fast and most of the times they regret it.
For instance, Olympic alpine skier Lindsey Vonn claimed that she wouldn’t accept the invite to go to the White House after the Olympics.
Now, she is kinda regretting it.
Reportedly, the 33-year old Lindsey who earned a gold medal claimed that she refuses to represent President Trump at the South Korea’s Olympic Games. However, she didn’t stop there.
She continued bashing the staffers from President Trump’s administration. Apparently, she believed that they are not doing a good job as they think they are. Vonn believed that the previous administration did a better job, which is already known that it was one of the most corrupted administration of the history.
Vonn stated: “Well, I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president.”
Furthermore, Vonn explained: “I want to represent our country well. I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that.”
It is not surprising for Vonn to say things like that, but she really offended a lot of people, especially the American citizens. In the past, she had visits to the White House on many occasions. One time she visited Obama with her ex-boyfriend, famous golfer Tiger Woods.
During an interview, she was questioned if she would accept Trump’s invitation to come to the White House. Her answer was totally opposite of professional. She said: “Absolutely not.”
The social media went crazy when her answer was reported. Social media users started the hashtag titled #BoycottUnderArmour as a way to go against Vonn.
Olympic skier @LindseyVonn launches a super sleek signature collection with @UnderArmour 
So UnderArmour wants to attract more attention with Lindsey Vaughn? Ok you got it! 
Olympic skier @LindseyVonn launches a super sleek signature collection with @UnderArmour 
UnderArmour had plenty of problems before you came along. Now they have many more because of you. 
Olympic skier @LindseyVonn launches a super sleek signature collection with @UnderArmour 
I was a huge fan until you brought politics into the sport. We are a nation united, from the president on down to every US citizen. No longer a fan. 😢
"Pain and I are BFFs. Such is life. Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity," - @lindseyvonn after crashing out on the final turn at @AlpineSkiWC
I was going to buy Under Armour for my daughter, who’s a Marine. Lindsey, who apparently hates our president and represents your company changed my mind.  🇺🇸
@UnderArmour if you support @lindseyvonn and her disrespect of the president the people of this country will boycott you and the Olympics  and lindsey vonn for disrespecting @POTUS
This is my drive home from the gym every day! Praying everyone stays safe and that they can get this contained! 🙏🏻 
Anti-American pro-Matt Lauer rapist Lindsey Vonn trashes the United States President abroad -  her sponsor.
It isn’t clear what made her say those things. Either she wanted to gather attention, which she succeeded, but in a negative way.
She actually had the guts to go against the millions of people who supported Trump during the presidential election. Hopefully, she will learn her lesson
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