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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Michelle Was Just CAUGHT! The Queen Of England Is FURIOUS!

During Obama’s reign, Michelle thought that she was the queen and she expected to be treated like one.
She has a hard time accepting the fact that she is not the First Lady anymore.
She tries to sneak in her way into every major social event that doesn’t include her.
Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement and they are getting married this spring. As soon as the news for the Royal Wedding were announced, the Obamas saw this opportunity to edge their way into the elites and to save an invitation to the wedding. Obama rushed to post a congratulations tweet to Prince Harry and it seems like he was stalking him because he tweeted that within seconds of the news coming out.

According to our source, Freedom Daily, while Obama was trying secretly to get on the quest list, Michelle was doing something worse to shove the Trumps aside and ensure her spot, even though the honor is reserved for the current President and the First Lady. She has been making the speaking engagement rounds to rack in thousands of hundreds of dollars to trash Trump. Michelle was invited  as the keynote speaker addressing  the “Economic Club of Toronto,” when she deviated from her planned remarks to double down on her attempt to get closer to the Queen of England.
After Obama was introduced to Canada’s First Lady, Sophie Trudeau, he said that it is never a good idea to put your first thoughts in the morning on social media, and not to tweet from bed which appears to be his favorite hobby for now. Michelle did a 45-minute conversation that was hosted by the Economic Club of Toronto, included some memories of her being awestruck when meeting Queen Elizabeth of England.
“I touched her. She touched me first,” said Michelle and adding that her dream guest would be Jesus, whom she’d serve pizza.

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