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Saturday, December 23, 2017

President Trump Just Made A Huge Change For Social Security Recipients – Seniors Are Elated

Most of the promises from President Donald Trump are already fulfilled.
During his presidential campaign, he pledged to focus on the most important issues in the country, such as illegal immigration and conspired government.
We can see that there is some progress already, despite the leftovers of the conspiracy among the Democrats.
Trump is continuing with his improvement in the economy. The unemployment ratings are already decreased. Regarding the illegal immigration, his border wall is still progressing and it is expected to be a huge improvement, both safety, and regulation in the country.

The latest of his accomplishments is the benefit raise. The Social Security Administration declared that from January of next year, the benefits for more than 66 million American citizens will increase for 2 percent. It is considered to be the biggest increase in benefits since 2012.
And you would think that 2 percent is a small increase. However, this means a huge deal for the Americans. However, this means that the Americans will see $300 annually which means25 dollars per month. As reported, the mediocre Social Security beneficiary will receive around 15,000 dollars per year, which is 1,258 per month.

Yes, it isn’t a huge amount of money. However, many people will appreciate it and it will help them significantly. After all, in the last 8 years, they didn’t even see that. Obama couldn’t provide that for them. Trump managed to do it in around 1 year.
The real hard-working Americans supported him and it will finally pay off. I bet there will many more achievements like this one that would be a huge help for any Americans.
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  1. Any increase is better than none at all!!!!! I;m loving this but most of all OUR PRESIDENT!!

  2. Is our forced medicare going up, too, as rumored?