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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Trump Looks Over Shoulder On Salt Lake City Tarmac & Can’t Believe Who He Sees In Crowd

Donald Trump recently visited Utah in order to announce his intentions for few national monuments in  Salt Lake City. Just as he arrived, he was taken by surprise with who he saw in the crowd that was waiting for him.
During this past year, our president received more accusations than appreciations from the media and the lefties. Despite this, he deserves respect from everyone because he IS our leader and he does everything for our country.
Expecting to face more critics when he lands, he was left speechless when he stepped off from the plane.
The crowd that welcomed the president was full of his supporters, but what caught his eye were two young boys that were dressed like him and Vice President Mike Pence.
“Supporters, dressed up as President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, looked on as the president arrived at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC),” said Fox News sharing the image of the two young Trump supporters.

These two youngsters, whose identity remains unknown, warmed our hearts when we saw them- one was looking like the Vice President and the other one was exact mini-Trump, even his skin-tone matched perfectly.
President Trump was touched by the support of his followers, so he took his time to thank them for their support and shook hands with each and every one of them.
This is the thing that separates our President from all the other politicians. Everywhere he goes he greets his supporters personally and shows his respect for them.
The two kids showed how dedicated they are to our leader. They decided to spent their day welcoming him by dressing as the two most powerful people in America. They showed their admiration of our leaders and I think that we should all be proud of the direction that our youth is going.
The crowd was also inspired and touched by the boys. They shortly became an attraction worldwide.

– “Nice kids !!!!”
– “Fantastic!!!! President Trump!!! Yes!!!!!”
– “He even did a spray tan lol. Too funny. Glad to see young supporters.” 
 were only a few of the comments that flood the social networks.
But as always, negative comments were added by the liberals. They started insulting the young supporters, making negative comments on their deed. I guess we can all see the desperation on the lefties. They’ve reached the bottom with their insults on two innocent children.
Trump’s connection with the Americans was, in fact, the main reason why he won the elections instead of Hillary, but her supporters will never accept this. Every day there are new “evidence” showing that he has the support all over the U.S.
The lies that the lefties are spreading using the media are not as effective as they thought they would be.

There is nothing that can change the fact that Trump’s efficiency will bring him another mandate in the 2020 elections. It is time to make our nation stronger than ever!

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