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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

UN Tries To ‘Nullify’ Trump’s Jerusalem Decision, Nikki Haley Destroys Them In Brutal Way

President Trump left a mark in the world when he satisfied his guarantee to perceive Jerusalem. In any case, the UN needs to turn around the choice. “The UN Security Council has voted 14-1 for a determination approaching Trump to repeal announcement on Jerusalem. The US vetoed, per @carlandry_afp” tweeted AFP’s White House journalist Andrew Beatty.
Be that as it may, U.S. Envoy Nikki Haley did not warmly embrace this. “The United States won’t be told by any nation where we can put our international safe haven. What we have seen here is an affront. It won’t be overlooked. It is one more case of the UN accomplishing more mischief than great in tending to the Israeli Palestinian clash,” reacted Haley.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed gratitude toward Haley for going to bat for Israel. “Much obliged to you, Ambassador Haley. On Hanukkah, you talked like a Maccabi. You lit a light of truth. You disperse the obscurity. One vanquished the numerous. Truth crushed falsehoods. Much obliged to you, President Trump. Much obliged to you, Nikki Haley,” tweeted Netanyahu.

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon said that the UNSC “can vote another hundred times to condemn our quality in Jerusalem, yet history won’t change. [… ] It’s the ideal opportunity for all nations to perceive that Jerusalem dependably was and dependable will be the capital of the Jewish individuals and the capital of Israel.”

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