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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Anti-Trump Rioters Block Freeway… Watch Them Get a NASTY DOSE OF REALITY!

Anti-Trump supporters start to feel so entitled when it comes to protesting against our president. They continue to play the dirty liberal games and be puppets for someone’s interest.

More often we hear reports that group of protester gathered together and blocked traffic-road. You just can not organize and block a road.
That’s what happened last week on the streets of Tucson, Arizona. This is frustrating, take a look.
According to Conservative Fighters:
hundreds of protesters went out on the streets of Tucson, Arizona and blocked a traffic-road for their “Day Without Immigrants” protest. Later the police warned the protesters that they would be physically removed from the streets if they don’t let the traffic continue.
Unfortunately the protesters refused to cooperate, and the chaos started right away. You can see on the video below how the police pepper sprayed some of the protesters and later arrested some of them. They were arrested for violent protest and were identified as:

24-year-old David Leon; aggravated assault on a peace officer (felony), 68-year-old Joan Cichon; aggravated assault on a peace officer (felony), 42-year-old Tanya Alvarez-Blancarte; aggravated assault on a peace officer (felony), 39-year-old Najima Rainey; obstructing and failure to identify (misdemeanor charges)
Tey Echea, one of the protesters said:“All we’re doing is letting our voices be heard and that can’t even happen. They pepper spray and throw the lady on the ground.”
Rolande Baker, another protester, said: “They threw the lady on the ground first. I was next to her. I was reaching down to help her up. And as I was reaching down to help her up is when they took the guy, took the spray right in my eyes. In both our eyes,”
Now they even claim that they are victims of a police brutality. These liberal puppets just can not get enough of making chaos. This must be stopped, things will start to get out of control.

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