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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What Foreigners Say About Trump Will ASTOUND You, As They Did Me This Week

“We find Donald Trump fascinating. And some of us in Germany pretend we hate him. But truthfully, most of us are jealous of America and wish Germany had their own Donald Trump!”
So says Uli Schultz, a German tourist I met while traveling throughout Europe last week.
Over the last eleven days, I’ve traveled throughout Europe on vacation. And I spoke to no less than 50 Europeans about American politics. What I heard astounded me.
When I asked Europeans what they thought of our American president, I consistently got a smile and sometimes a giggle. “Fascinating”, “different” and “remarkable” were words commonly uttered.
Marco Bianchi, a tall, affable Italian man from Milan, even called President Trump a “rock star”.
I spoke to waiters, hotel workers, cab drivers, and other tourists from all over Europe. The majority of them were from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal and Austria. (While I did not visit Portugal, a remarkable number of their citizens work in the service industries in Switzerland). No one was rude to me after learning that I was an American; quite the opposite. And each of them seemed eager to talk about President Trump.
I never told anyone where I stood politically, and I asked everyone to be brutally honest about their thoughts.
By no means was this a scientific poll. And it could be that some of these people were just trying to be polite. But not a single European I chatted with expressed any hatred for our president. In fact, many praised him.
Hans, an engineer from Cologne, Germany, said he and his family are impressed with how Trump has “turned around the economy of America” and “that is good for the rest of the world, including Germany.”
Selina, a ski-shop worker from Zermatt, Switzerland, told me she’d never been interested in politics before Trump was elected. “I find him quite fascinating.” When I asked what specifically fascinated her, she said, “He is fearless. And he is unpredictable,” adding “and perhaps that is what the world needs right now.”
I’ve been told by the American media that the whole world is horrified by Donald Trump. The myopic pinheads at the New York Times and CNN have told us that the international community looks down on us for electing him. My opinion had always been “Who cares what the rest of the world thinks?” That notwithstanding, the nonsense being fed to us by the American mainstream media about America’s reputation abroad could not be farther from the truth.

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