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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

BREAKING: Dem Treason Scandal Discovered, Entire Party On Verge Of Collapse

Unreliable media is trying to cover-up one of the largest scandals that America has ever seen.
The media is hiding this story to defend their buddies in the Democrat Party.
Debbie Wasser Schultz is in a lot of trouble
She is going down for what she has done. Her IT staffer was exposed wiring $300,000 in filthy money to his home land of Pakistan before trying to escape the country, as reported by The Daily Caller.
The enormous scandal would typically be too big for the media to ignore, however, since it hurts Democrats it is not worthy of mainstream attention.
This gigantic media is too important to be kept untold. But since it does harm to Democrats it is not deserving to be made public.
The mainstream media would rather talk about Trump’s tweets and staffing adjustments in the White House. Media is trying their best to protect their guys.
When the press does comment on the major scandal, they reliably down play the close relationship between Democrats and the Pakistani fraudsters.
Even if they report this major scandal, they try to mask the close contacts between Democrats and the Pakistani crooks.
FBI has been investigating the shady case of Imran Awan. He is accused of alleged bank and mortgage scam. Wasserman Schultz helped his wife to flee the country before her husband.
In February this year, Capitol police officers canceled Imran’s access to the White House computer network. Police found out that he was stealing and sharing classified, detailed information to an anonymous source.
Imran Awan was still employed as an IT staffer despite his loss of access to any IT. There are theories considering that Wasserman Schultz has been bribed by Imran who has direct access to all of her passwords and information.
The Democrat Party is starting to fall apart. But the media tries to cover this whole thing up. It’s a matter of time before everything becomes so vividly clear.
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