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Saturday, February 3, 2018

BREAKING: OH, YES, THEY DID IT – Deleted Benghazi Emails RECOVERED, She Is Finished This Time!

Hillary Clinton and her private email server scandal finally came to light after the FBI managed to recover 30 emails from her private server which she tried to erase.|

The former Secretary of State erased everything from her computer, which means she had something to hide, as World News Politics stated.
Apparently, her crime is about to be exposed, and the 30 emails the FBI agents tried to recover, will sink her career deeper than we thought.
According to USA Politics Daily:
Apparently, the recovered emails were related to Benghazi and this information will destroy Hillary faster than we expected. As I Have the Truth stated, the government lawyers said the emails were related to Benghazi, while presenting their evidence in federal court on Tuesday.
The information leaked during a hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta in a case involving a lawsuit filed by the watchdog group, Judicial Watch. Clinton provided more than 55,000 pages to the state previously, but the 30 recovered emails were not included, the Government lawyers told the U.S. District Court Judge.
Some of the recovered emails contained “search terms” related to Benghazi, the lawyers also mentioned. Back in December 2014, Hillary gave 30,000 emails to the State, which were related to her work, and the State Department released 296 emails related to Benghazi and Libya.

Later they discovered another 925 Benghazi-related emails, which they handed over to the House Select Committee. The public still remains uninformed about the situation and the content of her emails. Some people say that the investigation is lasting much longer than it needs to, and the people are impatient.
We would surely be devastated by the content of the emails, that’s why Hillary paid millions of dollars to make sure the emails vanish from the face of the earth. It still remains to see what will happen and will she finally end up behind bars. What is your opinion on this situation?
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