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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

BREAKING: Super Bowl Champs Refuse Trump’s WH Invite, So Trump Takes Something Of Theirs

Since President Donald Trump took office just over a year ago, the honor of being congratulated in the White House by the Commander-in-Chief has been turned into a disgusting political stunt by many players on Championship teams. Rather than accepting the invitation, players often pre-emptively announce that should they win, they will not grace the president with their presence. For as much as they hate the president based on a difference of opinion that hurts their feelings, they sure do like to use him to gain attention on themselves. That’s what some Eagles players recently tried to do when refusing Trump’s invite after their Super Bowl win. It backfired big time when he refused something of theirs.

Among the pile of trash that Barack Hussein left this country in before leaving the White House, was a horrible climate of race-baiting and blame. This has been something that Trump has no part in perpetuating yet is constantly punished for since Barack created this idea and wove it into society over eight years. This misguided idea has led countless professional athletes to disrespect the president who has made it possible for more Americans to afford to attend their games. After multiple rounds of players refusing to accept his invitation, even when not invited, Trump has finally had enough with this ridiculous game.
The anti-Trump Eagles players just learned the hard way that regardless of whether they like him, he’s their president too and in a more powerful position than they are.

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