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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

BREAKING: Trump Drops Everything To Go To Hospital With Melania – Here’s Who Else Is There

President Donald Trump demonstrates the true leadership skills he possesses as he turns his weekends into workdays, fighting day and night in order to make America as great as it was.
Despite his effortless dedication to his job today, he put everything on hold as he rushed immediately into the hospital with Melania, and the reason behind it is truly tragic.
This visit left everyone surprised at how out of the blue it was, but what happened next is nothing short of a miracle.
The first family does not shy away from visiting hospitals, so it was no surprise when Melania, just a short while ago, made an appearance at a children’s hospital. She visited terminally ill kids and kids who had cancer. Her motherly instincts came to light as she made sure to brighten these poor and unfortunate soul’s day.
Using her kind, warm, gentle and, soft spoken words, Melania managed to be nothing less than a saint, despite all the vile words thrown at her by the evil manipulating media. Her Saturday trip at one specific hospital was something beautiful, and it was luckily caught on camera and now everyone can see it and come to a conclusion for themselves that Melania is truly an angel.
Our president doesn’t waste his time, as he showed and honored our soldiers with the respect they deserve and once again gave them the power that they need to defeat our enemies. With every great fight there comes a great sacrifice, this includes sometimes, the loss of one of our beloved soldiers or the loss of a few limbs. Often, when our soldiers get wounded, they are treated with up-most care at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.
Our president Donald Trump, was under no obligation to visit the hospital, the same goes for Sergeant Barrientos, as president Trump made time out of his day to award him with the Purple Heart. Nevertheless, there is nothing more important than paying our respects and honoring a soldier that lost so much in the war.“When I heard about this, I wanted to do this myself,” President Trump stated.“Congratulations. Tremendous.”
It was common and normal to let those who have sacrificed so much for us and our country’s freedom when Barak Obama’s administration was in charge.
Today liberals and “lefties” fail to acknowledge the freedom and rights we get to enjoy, all thanks to our men and women who fight every day for everyone’s safety and freedom. Their “safe space” has left them crying for handouts from our enemies, and complaining about everything that hurts their feelings.
Trump’s visit today should be taken as an example of what a true AMERICAN hero looks like. He is a symbol of heroism, patriotism and admiration. Him choosing to praise our soldier with a medal should be something to be looked up and not down upon.
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